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Who is Lauren Hanney?

You're probably all asking, "who is this Lauren Hanney?"

So, let me introduce myself...

Lauren Hanney is me! I'm an avid reader, lover of all things crime and mystery - maybe even a sprinkle of romance - and so many other things! Here's a few facts about me:

  • I was born in Dublin, Ireland and lived there for the first five years of my life.

  • My family moved to a town just across the Dublin/Meath border when I was six.

  • There was always a book glued to my hands, whether I was walking to school or even grounded.

  • My birthday is December 6th, 2000, making me a Sagittarius.

  • I started studying Spanish at 11 years old and continued to study it until I finished my first year in University.

  • In my first year of University I studied Law, Spanish and English. I majored in Law for my second year. However, I found that I did not enjoy it and decided to repeat the year come September, 2022, and change my major to English.

  • I study at Maynooth University in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

  • I'm the eldest of 3 children.

  • My all-time favourite author is Agatha Christie.

  • I love Lord of the Rings - the franchise is my favourite movie franchise...sorry Marvel!

  • Pineapple on pizza is a Godsend and you cannot change my mind!

  • Pepsi is better than coke.

  • But really, I'm a down-to-earth girl who just wants to write and share her work with the world!

So that's a bit about me! Tell me a bit about you! You can contact me through any social media outlet such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or feel free to email me at!

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