Writing a Book: An Introduction

Writing is a hobby loved by many around the globe. It is used as a way to express emotion, write down thoughts, and to tell a story upon so many other things! Thousands upon thousands of people grow up with the dream to write their own book, but many don't succeed. Why is this? Well, it's a number of reasons; lack of ideas, lack of time, lack of inspiration...

And, my personal favourite: procrastination.

I cannot count the amount of times that I have sat down to write the book I've always dreamed of writing. From the age of 16 I've been writing beginnings of many story ideas just to leave them untouched - instead turning to Netflix or my phone instead of putting in the work to write that book. It's something that everybody struggles with - even published and professional writers. Finally' I've broken the cycle of procrastination, and I already have my first chapter written, my general outline finished, and I've completed my first detailed character profile for my protagonist. Honestly, it's a miracle!

So, to all you writers out there, welcome to the Writing a Book article series! Here, we will go through the steps to take to ensure that you get your book started - how to sit down and just plan plan plan and the writing process. We will provide you with outlines to help you write that plot outline; your character outline; your chapter outline and, before you know it, you'll be well on your way to writing the book you've always dreamed of writing!

Before we start, just think about that book idea that you have. What genre is it? What's your word count goal? When will your deadline be? What is your story idea?

You have to know these things before you start writing your book, as a means to ensure you have an idea to work with - to develop. Without these answers, it will almost be too easy to just leave this book idea in some long forgotten file in your laptop. So have a think about these 4 questions before we get started!

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