Writing: An Author's First Love

For years, I believed that everybody could write the way professional authors do. I had read so many books growing up, I just figured, "How hard could it really be?" Man, was I in for a reality check!

Though I had spent my entire childhood reading books (thanks mam for the reading gene), when it came to start writing my first book, I had absolutely no idea where to start! There was just so much to do and I just wanted it finished so I could tell people I've written a book! I'd truly realised how much hard work actually goes into writing an entire novel!

I'll admit, I was a member of the Wattpad community for the better half of my teen years. I had so many story concepts I just didn't know what to do with them! It's easy to say, nothing much ever came of any of them...except one.

Back then, I envied those who wrote their own books, published them and were able to call themselves an author. It had always been my childhood dream. So, at sixteen years old, I tried writing and posting a story on Wattpad. I was a Pantser - and the worst kind at that. I never planned anything. I just wrote. But what made me so bad was that I didn't edit what I was writing before I posted it. I was impatient. But hey, I was still a kid. I'm totally not like that today!

Writing, along with reading, was my first love. It still is my first love, though no longer my only love. When I sit down at my desk, the kitchen table, or even when I'm sitting in bed, my fingers itch to caress the keys on the keyboard. Once the words start flowing, it'll be hours before I stop. I don't even notice the time flying by each day. It's just me, my characters, my laptop, and my Spotify playlist.

Years later, here I am - almost finished writing my first book, joining the author and writing communities, and excited to share my love of writing with you guys!

Writing is a personal love for me. It's gotten me through some difficult times - as I'm sure it has for many people around the globe. I look forward to sharing that love with the world, starting with my first novel!