Catarina Gallagher is from a small town in Ireland and has grown up under the hands of her abusive, alcoholic uncle.

After twenty-one years, she has had enough. Her uncle is arrested, and she is free.

Then a stranger shows up on her doorstep.

Detective Noah Thompson is a dear friend of the famous novelist, Margaret O'Donnell, and has been sent to bring her granddaughter back to America. As a former Ranger, he's up for the task.

So, Cat leaves her life in Ireland behind.

However, when tragedy strikes, Cat and Noah find themselves on the trail for a madman, never knowing what lies around the corner or what dangers they will face...

All they have is a handwritten note and the desire to get justice for Cat and her family. 

Flames in the Wind is a mystery novel for people who love family drama, shocking reveals and plenty of twists and turns.

Flames in the Wind

    • Primary Category: Mystery/Crime
    • Format Paperback | 280 pages
    • Dimensions 5 x 8 inch
    • Publication date 6 December 2021
    • Publisher Lauren Hanney
    • Publication City/Country London, United Kingdom
    • Language English UK
    • ISBN: 9781006427381